Thursday, 2 June 2016

Dean Kosage - Inspiring Courage and Success in the World of Business

The world of business can be a tough nut to crack. It is diverse, competitive, full of opportunity and disappointment, potentially lucrative and most fascinating. Working in commerce and finance can require some help along the way, and all those who achieved success would credit someone giving them—at some point in their life—the driving force necessary for reaching their potential. Keynote speakers are a sought-after commodity—they are people with the rare ability to speak in an articulate, humorous and inspirational manner, and release the passion and drive of the audience to whom they address. Dean Kosage has built a reputation as being one of the finest in the game when it comes to motivating and releasing the energy of large groups of people. A background in music means he has enjoyed and relished the opportunity to draw audiences together and perform from a young age. Kosage’s sharp sense of humor and his ability to awaken the giant inside of us all have led to him being a hugely popular figure in network marketing and beyond.

By the age of 23, Kosage had already been called upon by his employers to use his natural abilities to address crowds of up to 30,000 people, a challenge that he embraced and which gave him the foundation for a prosperous career.

However, it is not just in public speaking that Kosage has been able to make his mark and share his wisdom; he is the co-author and contributor to the hugely successful book Defining Moments. The book is a collection of short tales and anecdotes from various industries, written by people ranging from young aspiring entrepreneurs to established business executives. These stories portray times in the writers’ lives in which they inspired courage, had to overcome adversity, or which led to them changing the course of their lives. The idea, as quoted by Dean Kosage himself, was to awaken the courage that lies within us all, and the book has proven to be a huge success in helping people recognize the defining moments in their own lives.

Being a successful single parent in a financially challenging and competitive world has ensured that Kosage has built up quite a following of people who have been touched and inspired by his words. Kosage continues to have one of the best reputations for delivering speeches to large audiences, which has resulted in him being a highly sought-after man.

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